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Vanessa Stella
Vanessa Stella Mexico 2024


Transforming Reality Through Hypnotherapy & facilitating well-being with Hypno-Massage & Wellness Coaching.

Vanessa is the proud owner and creator of Golden Flow Hypno. She is a Professional Hypnotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist with over 14 years of experience in wellness, coaching and well-being. She can help you with anxiety, phobias, performance, well-being, healing, and more using Hypnosis, Wellness Coaching and Reality Coaching.

Vanessa is a Greek-German former semi-professional athlete who has lived and worked all around the world. She qualified as a professional hypnotherapist from the world-renowned Jacquin Hypnosis Academy in the UK, where she learned the best tools and approaches in how to use the powerful subconscious mind to help people achieve their goals and improve their well-being. Vanessa also holds a diploma as a Fitness Instructor, a certification as a Master Personal Trainer, and training in Management and Leadership Coaching, NLP, Manifestation Coaching, and various styles of meditation and breathwork. Over the past years, she has devoted her attention and dedication to her spiritual and intellectual growth to reach her full potential and truly embody the golden flow. This intensive journey into the depths of her soul and mind has led Vanessa to attend several retreats and workshops, including Vipassana silent retreats, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced retreats and workshops, and Esther Abraham Hicks workshops. She continues to study their work, not only to understand it on a superficial level but to truly embody it on every level of her being, which has enhanced her skills, precision, and comprehension.

Vanessa’s love for spirituality and human nature is glowing out of her in her caring and empathetic approach. Her commitment to offer her best with each individual and participate in their becoming who they are intended to be is her biggest passion. 

She takes great pride in genuinely caring for her clients’ wellbeing and strives to achieve the best results for them. She approaches each individual holistically and personalizes each program and session to their unique needs and circumstances. This often helps them when nothing else seems to be working, and sometimes significant changes transpire in their first session together.

private hypnotherapy

Experience the power of hypnotherapy and transform your life with weekly private hypnotherapy sessions. Achieve deeper, faster, and more powerful changes to unlock your full potential and reach your goals. Gain more confidence, overcome your fears, and get ready to live your best life! 

Master Manifester
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Golden Flow FAQ
  • Can anyone be hypnotised?
    Yes, everyone has the capacity to be hypnotized. Some more than others. Hypnosis is a collaboration between the individual and the hypnotherapist. The success of hypnosis largely depends on an individual’s willingness to participate and focus.
  • What does hypnosis require?
    A motivation for change A willingness to engage in hypnosis The ability to follow simple directions If you meet these criteria, you will be able to experience hypnosis.
  • Can I Do Hypnosis Online?
    Yes! The past few years have accelerated the shift towards online services including hypnosis. The rise of digital platforms and improved internet connectivity have made it possible to conduct effective online sessions. The shift towards online hypnosis has indeed been marked by a surge in popularity and preference. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits it offers. For one, the convenience of participating in a session from the comfort of one’s own home eliminates the need for travel, making the process not only more convenient and flexible but also globally accessible. This adaptability is a significant advantage over traditional in-person sessions, which may require adjustments to one’s schedule and compromise in quality. Lastly, being in a familiar environment can enhance relaxation and openness to the hypnosis process, potentially increasing its effectiveness. These factors combined have made online hypnosis a preferred choice for many.
  • Does hypnosis online work?
    Yes! Hypnosis online does work. In fact studies have shown that it is just as effective as in-person sessions.
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Golden Reality  Dreamtime Coaching

✓ Weekly Sessions

✓ Personalized Sessions

✓ Master Manifester Approach

✓ Powerful
Change from the first session.
✓ Globally Accessible 



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The journey to your dream life begins with you.
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