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Become a Master Manifester Today.

Best Hypnotist Gold Coast / Tweed Heads / Coolangatta

Working with me:


  • I have created a unique program designed to help you transform into the personality that manifests all of your dreams into a tangible reality, achieve your full potential, and create the wellbeing, self-love, money, relationships, and the ultimate golden flow in your personal reality.

  • The program is based on my best understanding of all the teachings and learnings from our modern-day heroes and teachers, some of which include but are not limited to Esther Abraham Hicks, David Cameron Gikandi, Dr. Joe Dispenza, the Jacquins, and more.

  • Our coaching sessions will always have a clear and specific objective.

  • My approach involves examining and, where necessary, altering how you think, feel, act, and vibrate to align with your highest self.

  • I offer a unique blend of coaching, cognitive-reframing techniques, practical techniques, hypnotic techniques, and spiritual tools. These are designed to reshape your conscious and subconscious thought patterns, emotions, and responses to raise your vibration and manifest your desired reality.

  • Your expectation should be to benefit from the very first session you have with me. 

  • Our process begins with a Free 20-minute Strategy Call.

  • This is followed by Private Coaching and Hypnosis sessions twice weekly until you effortlessly embody the desired outcome.

If you'd like to effectively & rapidly become a master manifester and create the life of your dreams, then book your free strategy call today.


Choose the most suitable service for your unique transformation.

Golden Reality  Dreamtime Coaching

✓ Weekly Sessions

✓ Personalized Sessions

✓ Master Manifester Approach

✓ Powerful Change from the first session.
✓ Globally Accessible 

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You get it when you believe you have it. People still sit around and go ‘When it’s gonna come, when it’s gonna come’ And that’s the wrong way. You’re facing away from it. You have to go, ‘It’s here, it’s here, it’s here’.” - Jim Carrey

Yes you Can DO, BE or HAVE everything you desire, get in touch today and I'll show you how.

The journey to your dream life begins with you.
Start today..

Globally Accessible Sessions via video call, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

✓ Flying out option available for a Comprehensive Experience.

✓ Free 20-minute strategy call.

Results Driven Approach.


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